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After the Wedding? What do we need to do?

Are you keeping your Maiden Name? Is he taking your last name or are you taking his last name. Traditionally the Bride takes the Groom's last name however these days,anything goes. It would be good to discuss this.

After the wedding and when all the dust settles and you are able to take some time you will want to start changing all your documents legally into your married name.

​Changing Your Name

If you choose to change your last name you will have to wait until you receive your Marriage Certificate. BC  Registry will automatically mail your Marriage Certificate to you within a month or two at no charge. In Alberta you will apply at the registry, pay a small fee and pick up your Marriage Certificate. We can chat about your options when we meet.

Once you receive your Marriage Certificate you can start changing your documents. Here is a list below as well as a PDF for you to print out for your records.

Change Of Name Checklist 

  • Drivers License 
  • Social Insurance Number 
  • Post Office 
  • Voter Registration 
  • Passport 
  • Vehicle Title Registration 
  • Vehicle Lease or Loan 
  • Insurance Records 
  • Medical records 
  • Employment Records 
  • Utility 
  • Electric
  • Water  
  • Gas 

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  • Phone
  • Cellular Phone
  • Telephone Listings
  • Federal Tax
  • Provincial Tax
  • Cable
  • Bank Accounts
  • RRSP's / Other Investments
  • Memberships (Gym, Video, etc.)
  • Mortgage
  • Doctor's & Specialists
  • Drivers License
  • Wills / Contracts / Trusts