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Speaker for Celebrations
Life is full of special moments to celebrate, some big and some small.  Hopefully, we will each notice these in abundance, appreciating and celebrating every day in our own way.  Should you find yourself with a SPECIAL MOMENT, I would be delighted to help.  
Such moments may include:

• baby blessings
• adoptions
• coming of age
With years of experience as a presenter, I feel excited and privileged to have the opportunity to share your thrill and co-create with you, the possibilities are limitless.  
How much joy and fun can you  handle!? If you have an idea, we can make it spin.
"May you wake each morning full of positive expectation for the day.  May you find pleasure in the moments that make up your minutes, recognizing that you are surrounded by LOVE and the sweet energy that comes from being truly alive."
- Barbara Cragg
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• re-marriages
• moving in or moving on
• or you name it!